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Sunday Today-THE BIBLE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH | It is infallible

it is possible that a preacher is teaching truth, but it’s not truth because he is teaching it, but because the bible validates it. The apostle John plainly tells us not to trust the preacher: but to try every spirit. In I Jno. 4:1, Paul said,  “Prove all things and hold firm that which is good. I Th. 5 :21 No matter how honest, or how good a preacher is, he is still fallible. We all are! Jeremiah said a man can’t direct his own steps. Jer. 10:23

Challenging a preacher’s words is not proving them wrong, but rather for the purpose of all being right with God’s Word. Paul did not feel insulted for people to “challenge” his teaching. Instead, they were commended because they wanted to make sure that what he said could be substantiated by God’s word. Acts 17:11