The gospel is an amazing Exchange!

God the Father treated Jesus as if He lived my life. Then God the Father treats me as if I lived the life of Jesus. Jesus gets all of my bills and pays them in full. I get all of His deposits. The gospel is an amazing exchange. Jesus gets the blame for my sin. I get the credit for His perfect obedience!

“Muslim Girls’ School Teaches Students How to Behead Blasphemers”

“Should You Trust the Watchtower? Part 2: What Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Predicted”

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A national cake turns into a failed empowerment scheme after 1316 applications of poor youts only 152 non poor artist benefitted.

It is failed because in zambia we’ve got a lot of strangling artists who can not even manage to book a bus for there low standared production and they had high expectations after hearing their Father of the nation anouncing that he has given them K30.000.000.00 to empower them.

Few managed the registration thinking things may workout if they did so unfortunately the money went only to selected non poor artists who can even manage to book 10 buses and do a high standared project what a shame.

It is a shamefull and desapointing develompment. Good luck to evevly one who deserved it.

Watch “Prophet Shepherd and Mary Bushiri Court Hearing: 23 October 2020”

Watch News “Bushiri and his wife to remain in custody until Monday”

Watch “Bushiri and wife in court on fraud charges”

Truth Sets Free

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