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While Sabbatarians will quote 20th century authors who guess about what happened 1900 years earlier, we quote Christians whose writings are 1900 years old!

(Date of the writing given first)

  • 90AD DIDACHE: “Christian Assembly on the Lord’s Day: 1. But every Lord’s day do ye gather yourselves together, and break bread, and give thanksgiving after having confessed your transgressions, that your sacrifice may be pure. 2. But let no one that is at variance with his fellow come together with you, until they be reconciled, that your sacrifice may not be profaned. 3. For this is that which was spoken by the Lord: In every place and time offer to me a pure sacrifice; for I am a great King, saith the Lord, and my name is wonderful among the nations.” (Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, Chapter XIV)

For real God answers prayers

Thank you so much for your prayers brethren

I almost gave up but due to your prayers am strong again.

New release|SAVE ME by St. Vincent K

A long awaited track out now, I St. Vincent K a popular music producer and musician has released a hot HipHop song titled “SAVE ME”. you can stream the song via all music streaming and stores across the globe.


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Happy independence Mother Zambia, with 72 tribes living in peace.

Bellow are the 72 tribes of ZAMBIA

  1. Ambo
  2. Aushi
  3. Bemba
  4. Bisa
  5. Chewa
  6. Chikunda
  7. Cishinga
  8. Chokwe
  9. Gova
  10. Ila
  11. Ngoni
  12. Iwa
  13. Kabende
  14. Kaonde
  15. Kosa
  16. Kundai
  17. Kwandi
  18. Kwandu
  19. Kwangwa
  20. Lala
  21. Lamba
  22. Lenje
  23. Leya
  24. Lima
  25. Liyuwa
  26. Lozi
  27. Luano
  28. Luchazi
  29. Lumbu
  30. Lunda
  31. Lundwe
  32. Lungu
  33. Luunda
  34. Luvale
  35. Makoma
  36. Mambwe
  37. Mashasha
  38. Mashi
  39. Mbowe
  40. Mbukushu
  41. Mbumi
  42. Mbunda
  43. Mbwela
  44. Mukulu
  45. Mulonga
  46. Namwanga
  47. Ndembu
  48. Ng’umbo
  49. Nkoya
  50. Nsenga
  51. Nyengo
  52. Nyika
  53. Sala
  54. Seba
  55. Senga
  56. Shanjo
  57. Shila
  58. Simaa
  59. Soli
  60. Subiya
  61. Swaka
  62. Swahili
  63. Tabwa
  64. Tambo
  65. Toka
  66. Tonga
  67. Totela
  68. Tumbuka
  69. Twa
  70. Unga
  71. Wandya
  72. Yombe………

Beyond the Horizon

Keep your eye on the horizon.

Beyond the Horizon