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Proficient Vincent

Pro Dj

Who is Pro Dj?

My real names are Vincent Ketulu Kibaya, a multi talented Zambian. 


  • Musician
  • Music producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Photographer
  • Graphics designer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Radio presenter (Dj)
  • Christian Apologist

As musician

I started sing when I was in a tender age sung in youth choir of st. Joseph section of st. Kizito purish in Ndola Zambia and started serious and focust when I was 15.

At 17 started sing at church in choir of Pentecostal Church.

At 18 become a music director and led some choirs, praise teams,women’s and men singing groups from there started my own group that was in 2001.

2002 started planning to go to the studio of which I did but finances issue things did not work out.

Music producer

2004 started a studio at Chiti Mukulu School in the Computer room, CM Sounds (Cristal Metal Sounds) indirectly it was called Chiti Mukulu Sounds due to agreements we had.

Music production continued

I started doing also videos continued til 2008 sifted to Geoget and I changed the name of the studio to Vince Records. 

Vince Records changed to Province Studios that was in 2010. 

Til date am still a music producer.

Year 2020 now…


I write, direct, shoot and producer films. I have produced about 6 movies and uncountable music videos with the experience of more than 10 years now.

Photographer and Graphics designer

I have been a photographer long before I became a music producer.

I also do graphics designing for musicians and other programs, official music cover arts and many more.

Truth Sets Free

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