SHOULD WE PRAY OR DESIRE TO PHYSICALLY KILL WITCHES AND WIZARDS? Witches or wizards are people who use magical/spiritual powers to do evil towards another person.  They can cause illness, stagnation, or even death.Witchcraft is real, there are people out there who practice it.It is of the devil . It’s the devil mimicking God’s power and ability to control life.*God is against witchcraft, those who do it will not inherit the kingdom of God.

 *Under the mosaic law the penalty for practicing Witchcraft was death Exo 22:18, Leviticus 20:27)There are different shades of whichcraft  ( sorcery, divination, Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

*What should be a Christian’s attitude towards withcraft?*

* DO not fear it. Mathew 10:38.* Do not practice it Rev 22:15*Treat it like any other sin ( avoid it , flee from it). James 4:7.*Do not be too engulfed in it . Rather be engulfed with God’s word. It’s easy to be superstitious if you concentrate on this area. Philippians 4:8.

*Can a Christian be bewitched?** Yes /No depends with one’s level of maturity in the Lord. If you are relaxed and weak, you are vulnerable the enemy can attack you in various ways. * If you are full of the word, prayerful and vigilant, you are untouchable . The enemy   can not access you .  Psalms 23. Psalms 91.

*What must a Christian do to a witch or withcraft:** under the new testament, we do not have a mandate of killing or hunting witches.* You just pray against the spirit and influence of such .* You can’t put yourself in the shoes of God and begin to judge and condemn to death.* You can’t teach and pray for someone’s death. You can only pray & claim your protection. Learn to walk in your God given authority and power .Jn 1:11-12*You can’t be a self proclaimed witch Hunter.  Rather seek God not seeking witches. Isaiah 55:6.If you do the above , you will have no need to worry or think about witches & wizards.


Understand the difference time under the law and the time under Grace … there was a big change on how things are approached Read *Mathew chapter 5** it’s not scriptural  ( Jesus teaches forgiveness). Mathew 5:44.* You are not the owner of life. Revenge is God’s  Romans 12:19.* Rather pray for salvation of the lost souls. Luke 5:32.* Even Satanist are living for many years on earth . God Himself is not striking them with lightning in the street. * You just pray fighting against spiritual attacks etc.. if God decides to answer by death , then it’s ok he is God. Not you begging God to kill.

*Dangers of adopting the witches must die attitude:*

1. You Focus on the enemy not God.

2 . You automatically become a witch Hunter.

3.You begin to be suspicious and superstitious  ( fearing black cats, owls etc)

4. You begin  to hate ( this is not how we fight in Christ). 2 Corinth 10:4-6

5.You begin to accuse relatives and spoil relations ( better fight it spiritually not physically).

6.You can not rejoice over one’s death.  It’s ungodly and unscriptural. Luke 23:34.

7. The moment you start thinking that death brings you solutions you will not end by killing witches only; you will desire to kill anyone else who crosses your path.

8. In other countries Its a crime to accuse someone of witchcraft only if u have the evidence.

9. It’s easy for you to be charged of hate speech, since u will be praying for someone’s death.

10.The devil will have a field day. He will show you people in visions and dreams( witches), you will fight, there will be  a lot of drama and chaos in the church and world.

11. I strongly feel the devil can easily Hijack people who are full of anger and hatred.  You may be saying in the name of Jesus, yet Satan has even hijacked you.  ( The fact that u pray and u hear reports of death does not mean it’s God) kikiki U say God is using me mightly, I have a gift of killing 🙄🙄🤔🤔.  *Surely if you cross a child or men of God you may die , but we leave that in God’s hands, it’s not me who must wish death upon people.*

*Conclusion:** We have power over witches. We are covered by the blood of Christ. Rom 8:37-39.* Better be Christ conscious than devil conscious.*Believe the word of God.* Our enemy is the devil not another human being . If you fight the devil that human being who is being used will repent.  Even if they don’t repent still we are untouchable.  We are safe in Christ . Ephesians 6:12.

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