Breaking news”owner attacked by his own green dog” On Wednesday between 4&5pm

Chopeti green dog

This is a dog, it is a Green dog. I am very disappointed with this dog imagine your dog attacks you, would you trust it again? Just found out that this dog is a thief, stilling even food which bilongs to it. I used to support this dog not until on Wednesday 18 November, 2020 when this dog attacked me, imagine I went through pain for almost three days. I no longer love this dog it’s a useless dog.

I supported this dog but I will never support this dog anymore. It has made me to even go against my favorite color which is 💚 green.

A dog is a dog, it is an animal no matter how much you Favour it it will still never appreciate you…. Oneday it will hurt you.

I need deferent color dog 🐕🐕 maybe it can be better. #TruthSetsFree

By Vincent Kibaya

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